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Women’s Issues and Feminism

Blogs and articles about gender equality, feminism, human rights and women’s issues as published by Felicity’s Blog.

This section covers topics like sexual harassment, slut shaming, rape culture, body image, LGBTQIA issues and more.

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Free the Nipple and the Fallacy of Relative Privation

Free the Nipple & Why we’re talking about nipples when there are way bigger problems in society In the spring 2015 issue of Bitch magazine (a feminist publication), there’s a review of the Free the Nipple movie. Like many other reviews of this film, it questioned some implausible plot points and “bad writing.” But that’s not all. The author of the article, A.A.I., starts off by dismissing Free the Nipple as a cause worthy of our attention. She wrote that while she found it “totally unreasonable” that women can’t go topfree wherever men can, “…it’s unfortunate that Lina Esco’s directorial ... Read more

Clothed or Naked Online, Women Are Still Not ‘Asking For It’

Sexual Harassment, Rape Culture & Women Being Naked Online I’m a naturist, and I’m naked a lot… Most of the time in private or secluded places, but once in a while I’m topfree in public, or naked and covered in body paint in Times Square. This is how I live my life and how I express myself. There are also naked pictures of me online. Mostly because, like any person, I take photos that document my existence and I also choose to share some of those photos online. Topfree in NYC There are people who have a problem with me ... Read more