Nudist Kids and Family Naturism

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The topic of nudity and kids is still quite controversial in the USA today, even though the concept of family nudism is not new. It has existed in America and other countries for a very long time.

But should parents who are raising nudist kids be worried about anything? What is the big deal – aren’t children natural nudists anyway? Since nudism is not sexual, why are people so bothered by nudity and children in naturism?

And how do nudist families navigate the issues that arise from living in a society that fears nudity and stigmatizes nudism?

Below you can read blogs and articles that deal with the issues of nudity and nudism as they pertain to families, kids and raising children.

Is Family Nudity and Nudism Really Good for Children?

Is Nudism, and Family Nudity Good for Children? Aren’t Kids Nudists Anyway? Is Nudism Good for Children and The Truth Behind Nudity in the Family: Guest blog by: Melissa Starr Benjamin Spock, Ann Landers, and Abigail van Buren, all popular authorities on child-rearing and other matters, have often warned of the dangers of exposing children to nudity. Though their theories on the matter are well-known, are they truly valid? Is there solid research to prove it? Studies of how nudity affects kids are actually sparse, though they have slightly increased in number in recent years. The findings and their interpretations are ... Read more

Family Naturism Questions Part 3: Bullying

Questions About Family Naturism Part 3: What If My Kids Get Bullied For Being Nudists? Previously: How to Raise Naturist Kids Part 1 and Part 2: Telling Others When parents worry about their kids telling the wrong people about naturism, they also worry about what could happen when kids tell their peers. Maybe their friends or classmates will think it’s cool…or maybe they will see a reason to bully or pick on the kid. Parents may fear that their child will tell the wrong “friend” who will then blab to other kids or students. Gossip about a student being a ... Read more

Family Nudism Questions Part 2: Telling Others

Family Nudism Questions Part 2: Can Kids Keep A Secret? This part 2 of our series on family nudism and how to raise naturist kids. Part 1 introduces the families we’ve interviewed and discusses dress codes for kids. In this article, we’ll share what these parents have to say about two more common naturism questions. Question 1: “Do I tell my kids NOT to tell peers / friends / teachers / family members / other adults etc about our family being naturists? What will happen if my kids tell others?” When it comes to kids and naturism, this question will ... Read more

How To Raise Naturist Kids Part 1: Introducing Children To Naturism

Felicity’s Blog Guide: How To Raise Naturist Kids and Introduce Naturism When parents decide to raise naturist kids or introduce their children to naturism, there are some common questions and concerns that tend to arise. (Apart from establishing that nudism / nudity isn’t bad for children.) Since we occasionally get emails from parents looking for answers and guidance, we decided the best way to address this is to ask naturist parents from our community! This will be a 3-part series addressing different questions. This article, part one, introduces the families I interviewed and also addresses the question of how to ... Read more