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Nudism / Naturism is one of the fastest growing forms of recreation in the United States today. Join the growing number of people who enjoy non sexual nude recreation and the nudist lifestyle. You don’t have to be a long time nudist or naturist to participate – all you need is to be comfortable in your own skin.

Body image and body acceptance are an issue that seems to plague many in today’s society. We hope that, with time, people will find out that a person’s character is far more important than what they look like. Through nudism and naturism people learn (very quickly in fact) to feel comfortable with how they look and accept their bodies as they are.

Nudists and naturists from around the world enjoy being naked while in a social setting. There is nothing wrong or shameful about the naked human form!

We all come in different, unique shapes and sizes. Part of the naturist philosophy is the belief that one should not be judged on how they look, what job they do or how much they make… people should be judged on the essence of who they truly are!

The Official Definitions Of Nudism And Naturism:

What is Nudism?

Nudism is the practice of being naked in a non-sexual environment, either in private or wherever it is allowed and accepted. The people who practice nudism are referred to as “nudists.” Some nudists might just occasionally visit a nude beach, while others try to be naked as often as they can.

What is Naturism?

Naturism can be also defined as being naked in a non-sexual setting. Naturism is practiced by people who are referred to as “naturists.” Naturism is often the term used when a person’s lifestyle is not just about being naked but about living by a certain philosophy, values and ethics. Naturists want to promote acceptance, equality, social responsibility and respect for the environment.

What is the difference between Naturism, Nudism and Nude recreation?

In America, the terms nudism and naturism are used interchangeably, and each can have a different definition depending on who you ask or what organization you consult. The main organization for nudism in the USA, the America Association For Nude Recreation (AANR), chooses to promote nudism as “wholesome nude recreation.” All of these terms can essentially refer to the same thing — the practice of being naked in a non-sexual environment whether alone or with others.

There are a few more specific terms used to differentiate the types of nudists out there. One is “recreational nudists,” which refers to people who just want to have fun being naked doing whatever they enjoy, whether that’s partying or hiking or sunbathing. They are not concerned with any philosophy or greater purpose to being nude.

Then there is “ethical naturism / naturist,” which is a way to clearly identify those who live by a naturist philosophy and values. This term is helpful since anyone can call themselves a naturist or nudist without really defining what that means for them. By attaching the word “ethical,” we then know that it’s about more than just recreational naked fun.

This section of my blog is dedicated to Nudism and Naturism articles, stories and experiences:

Verde Hot Springs: Review Of A Unique Clothing Optional Spot in AZ

Review of Verde Hot Springs in Camp Verde, Arizona Jordan and I needed our annual break from the harsh winter (the groundhog saw his shadow so only 6 more weeks, right?!), so at the end of January we flew from NY to Arizona! Our goal was to do a lot of hikes and spend time in nature, and that we did while exploring the areas around Sedona and Flagstaff. I find the landscape, red rocks, desert and forests to be absolutely beautiful out there. And we haven’t even seen it in spring or summer yet. That will be for another ... Read more

Nudist Erections and Naturist Etiquette

Nudist Erection and Issues With Nude Nudists With Public Erections Yes, erections are a natural bodily function… But a nudist with an erection is an unwelcome sight in a public nudist setting: Public Nudist Erections – A number of articles out there deal with the (potentially overexposed!) topic of nude males with erections and nudism. Many who practice naturism feel that too much negative emphasis goes towards this naturally occurring event. Others within the nudist community express the sentiment of “protecting” certain groups from what they perceive as an overtly sexual gesture. Religious aspects and societal views continue to make ... Read more

The Real Nude Beach Project: Introducing Maryann

The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project: Interview with Maryann Meet Maryann, the 4th participant introduced here for the Real Nude Beach Photography Project that took place at Gunnison Beach in 2017. Maryann is a seasoned veteran of Gunnison, having been frequenting the beach for many years. She still goes almost every weekend in the summer and in this interview she tells us what she loves so much about the nude beach! Interview with Maryann for the Real Nude Beach Photography Project at Gunnison Beach Name: Maryann Age: 56 years old Lives in Howell, NJ What do you do for a living? ... Read more

Review of The Gong Temple Nude Meditation Event

A Healing Nude Meditation Concert With The Gong Temple Guest Blog by: Jim and Ginnie We had the pleasure of attending The Gong Temple Nude Meditation Event led by Michelle Angel on October 14, 2017. Michelle travels the country, performing standalone sessions or as an enrichment to yoga classes. The sessions are not merely musical performances, but instead are intended to promote healing and deep – perhaps even spiritually-transformative – relaxation. Setup for the nude meditation event with The Gong Temple Michelle plays several very large (three to four foot diameter) Paiste and Meinl Planetary gongs, accompanied with a steel ... Read more

The Real Nude Beach Project: Introducing Klaus

The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project: Interview with Klaus Meet Klaus, the subject of my 3rd interview here for the Real Nude Beach Photography Project that took place at Gunnison Beach in 2017. Klaus describes his first experience at the beach, debunks common misconceptions about nude beaches and offers his thoughts on why America can’t handle social nudity. So check out the full interview below and post a comment to let us know what you think! Interview with Klaus for the Real Nude Beach Photography Project at Gunnison Beach Name: Klaus* Age: 27 years old Lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sexual orientation: ... Read more

Nude Beach Project: Michael and Laurie

The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project: Interview with Michael and Laurie Introducing Michael and Laurie (and family) — We have interviewed them for our “Real Nude Beach” photography project that took place at Gunnison Beach in New Jersey. Michael and Laurie are frequent visitors of the beach, which they enjoy with their kids and other families. Check out the interview / photos below to learn more about them and how the beach benefits them and their children! Interview with Michael and Laurie for the Real Nude Beach Photography Project at Gunnison Beach Name: Michael and Laurie Age: 49 and 43 ... Read more

The Real Nude Beach Project: Introducing Amy

The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project: Interview with Amy Introducing Amy — She is one of many participants in our Real Nude Beach Photography Project that took place at Gunnison Beach in New Jersey. Amy is so dedicated to the beach that she drives 4 hours, all the way from Virginia, to get there! In this interview, she talks about how the beach has affected her confidence and why she prefers Gunnison over any other beach. Check out the interview below! Interview with Amy for the Real Nude Beach Photography Project at Gunnison Beach Name: Amy Age: 34 ... Read more

Real Nude Beach: A Body Positive Naked Photography Project at Gunnison Beach

Introducing Our Body-Positive Nude Beach Photography Project If you believed what the media and pop culture says about nude beaches in the U.S., you might think that: – Nude beaches are only visited by very ugly, middle-aged people and / or senior citizens. – People only go to a nude beach in order to look at all the naked people or only exhibitionists go to a nude beach. – Nude beaches are full of debauchery, drugs and sex / orgies – Children are not allowed at nude beaches (or even if they were, families should and would never visit them). ... Read more

Young Naturists America Is Closing In 2017

The End of Young Naturists America, Inc. Dear YNA members, supporters and followers, It is with heavy hearts that we announce our decision to close Young Naturists America by the end of this year. We originally started this organization about 7 years ago with a few goals in mind – to bring about social change, to bring naturist values back into the modern nudist movement and to introduce more young adults to naturism. And we did succeed in this through our grassroots outreach, hundreds of published articles, online social groups, gatherings and events, media coverage, Radio / TV appearances and ... Read more

Our YNA Gunnison Beach Cleanup Report

Results of Our First Gunnison Beach Cleanup & Why Naturists Should Do Cleanups This past Saturday, we had our very first beach cleanup at Gunnison nude beach! Why organize a beach cleanup? First of all it is part of our YNA naturist philosophy to take care of the environment, especially the places we enjoy as naturists. Second, it’s important for the preservation of nude / clothing-optional beaches and places on public land. As we know, nude beaches get closed down all the time even when there’s been a longstanding tradition of nude use. Organizing a beach cleanup doesn’t guarantee that ... Read more