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Nudist Blog – As this website is meant to be a platform for different voices and perspectives in the nudist community, we invite people to contribute as guest writers to share their thoughts and feelings with the world. The Naturist Bloggers who are regular contributors will have their own sub-section for their Nudist Blogs.

All the other Nudist Blogs that were submitted by people will be referred to as “Guest Nudist Blogs.” Our Nudist and Naturist Bloggers come from all walks of life and from every corner of the world. We thank them for sharing their ideas, feelings and opinions with this community. Some have shared very personal and emotional stories, so we really appreciate their willingness to do so.

Please show your support for these brave nudist bloggers by commenting and sharing their posts. We are always looking for interesting and educational blogs. If you have something to share and would like to contribute an article (does not have to be nudist or naturist-related) then please contact us today!

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Why Nude Bathing Is Better Than Bathing Suits

Why Society Is Better Off Swimming Nude Without Bathing Suits I’m not one of those nudies that feels compelled to be naked 24 / 7, and I would say that many nudists can’t be and don’t care to be naked everywhere, all the time. (I’ve mentioned this before in the common myths about nudism.) I’m quite comfortable wearing clothes in the winter. I get cold very easily and am grateful for the sweaters I have to keep me warm. Though I’m not much into fashion or clothes shopping, I do like dressing up sometimes and expressing myself with certain colors, fabrics ... Read more

The Best Social Networks For Naturists, Artists and Everyone

A Social Media Guide For Naturists, Artists and Anyone Who’s Tired Of Their Nudes Getting Censored As a naturist, my problems with censorship and social media are never-ending and I know many in my community can relate. I’m currently in Facebook jail, yet again, for posting nudity. I’ve had photos censored on Instagram, videos banned from YouTube, and my Pinterest account was even deleted without notice or warning. Facebook censorship of nudity and its meaningless community standards Most of the major social media sites have rules against showing nudity and female nipples. They either ban it altogether or say it’s ... Read more

Bates Nude Beach Section Reestablished in California!

Bates California Beach Is Nude Again (With Conditions) Thanks To Long term Efforts of SCNA & Friends of Bates Beach Guest Blog by: Gary Mussell (Director, Friends of Bates Beach) North Rincon Beach (locally known as Bates Beach, named after the beach’s access from Bates Rd.) is at the southern tip of Santa Barbara County, just north of Rincon Point. The beach was once a safe, family-friendly environment that attracted several hundred people on summer weekends. On the convenient eastern end, people in bathing suits came to exercise their dogs and watch the world-class surfers practice their skills. The more ... Read more

Artist Lucian Freud: Master of Realist Nude Paintings

The Life of Artist Lucian Freud and His Magnificent Nude Paintings ”What do I ask of a painting? I ask it to astonish, disturb, seduce, convince.” — Lucian Freud The late Lucian Freud was a contemporary painter most known for his figurative art and portraits. The grandson of Sigmund Freud, Lucian was born to Lucie and Ernst Freud in Berlin in 1922. In 1933, he and his family fled to Britain to escape the growing persecution and fascist policies of the Nazi party. They settled in London. As his parents were well-to-do, Freud attended various private schools and then studied ... Read more

The Nudism Gender Problem Part 2: Addressing Harassment

Nudism & Gender Issues: Let’s Talk About Safety and Harassment It was good to see that my last article about naturism and single male policies generated a lot of discussion on our website and on social media. It seems like most people actually agreed with us that naturism should be inclusive rather than exclusive. I’d added a poll at the end of my article asking if nudist resorts, clubs, groups, etc should restrict entry to single men in order to have a better gender ratio. Out of over 400 votes, the overwhelming majority – nearly 80% — said “No.” Twelve ... Read more

The Northeast Naturist Festival 2016 Review

The Northeast Naturist Festival Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary in 2016 This past August was the 25th annual Northeast Naturist Festival organized by Morley Schloss. Over a period of six days, naturists gathered at Empire Haven Nudist Park in upstate New York for workshops, activities and connecting with friends, both old and new. Entrance sign for Empire Haven Nudist Park This festival is a community event in the truest sense because the majority of workshops are given by and for those who attend. Anyone can sign up to lead a workshop based on their knowledge or area of expertise. (Workshop leaders ... Read more

Nudist Pageant and Miss Nude World Pageants

A Controversial (& Discontinued) Naturist Tradition: Miss Nude World – the Nudist Pageant Interview with the founders of Ponderosa Nature Resort about their Miss Nude Nudist Beauty Contest Nude Pageants –  A nudist resort in Canada called Ponderosa Nature Resort just celebrated their 50th anniversary. For episode 72 of the Naturist Living Show podcast, Stéphane interviewed Hans and Lisa Stein, who founded the resort in 1964. The couple is originally from Germany and when they moved to Ontario, Canada, they saw a market for a year-round naturist club in their area. They found some farmland to buy and together with Hans’ ... Read more

Ello and The NSFW Filter: Why It’s Not Improving Social Media For Users

Why The NSFW Filter Isn’t Good Enough On Ello and Other Social Networks April 2018 Update: So it’s been almost 4 years since I wrote this post, and I’m glad to report that Ello is still around as an ad-free network that primarily caters to artists. I still use it and would recommend it to naturists, even though I don’t think it’s attracted very many people from the naturist community. The network has also continually grown and added new features. However, the NSFW filter remains the same, and Ello still groups nudity in with “adult” and “sexually explicit” content. (And they ... Read more

Nudity, Colonization and the Textile Industry

How the Textile Industry Demonized Nudity and Flourished in Times of Colonization Guest Blog by: African American Naturist While most people don’t think about the historical political impact of the clothes they wear, textiles and the textile industry has in fact had a tremendous impact on societies around the globe, and still do today. It must be remembered that prior to the European Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, the majority of Earth’s human population was (and still is) centered about the equator in tropical and semi-tropical regions. European and other temperate zone, sub-arctic, and arctic populations traditionally required hand-made clothing (typically ... Read more