Naturist Living Show Podcast

Naturist Living Show Podcast

Listen to the latest episodes of the Naturist Living Show podcast, with some segments by Felicity Jones, and read Felicity’s episode recaps.

The Naturist Living Show is a podcast started by Stéphane Deschênes in 2008. It is the longest-running and only podcast about naturism (with the exception of a few other short-lived podcasts over the years). The show just released its 100th episode in 2018.

Stéphane is the owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.

The Nudism Gender Problem Part 2: Addressing Harassment

Nudism & Gender Issues: Let’s Talk About Safety and Harassment It was good to see that my last article about naturism and single male policies generated a lot of discussion on our website and on social media. It seems like most people actually agreed with us that naturism should be inclusive rather than exclusive. I’d added a poll at the end of my article asking if nudist resorts, clubs, groups, etc should restrict entry to single men in order to have a better gender ratio. Out of over 400 votes, the overwhelming majority – nearly 80% — said “No.” Twelve ... Read more

Nudist Pageant and Miss Nude World Pageants

A Controversial (& Discontinued) Naturist Tradition: Miss Nude World – the Nudist Pageant Interview with the founders of Ponderosa Nature Resort about their Miss Nude Nudist Beauty Contest Nude Pageants –  A nudist resort in Canada called Ponderosa Nature Resort just celebrated their 50th anniversary. For episode 72 of the Naturist Living Show podcast, Stéphane interviewed Hans and Lisa Stein, who founded the resort in 1964. The couple is originally from Germany and when they moved to Ontario, Canada, they saw a market for a year-round naturist club in their area. They found some farmland to buy and together with Hans’ ... Read more