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Social Activism and Nude or Naked Related Activists

Social Activism – From Cyber Bullying to the issues of Body Image – Felicity’s Blog is here to address the different issues that stem from the shame, fear, hyper-sexualization and censorship of the naked human body. Below you can read our social activist articles and learn about the different issues that we deal with in society today.

Read our social activism blogs and articles below:

Real Nude Beach: A Body Positive Naked Photography Project at Gunnison Beach

Introducing Our Body-Positive Nude Beach Photography Project If you believed what the media and pop culture says about nude beaches in the U.S., you might think that: – Nude beaches are only visited by very ugly, middle-aged people and / or senior citizens. – People only go to a nude beach in order to look at all the naked people or only exhibitionists go to a nude beach. – Nude beaches are full of debauchery, drugs and sex / orgies – Children are not allowed at nude beaches (or even if they were, families should and would never visit them). ... Read more

Our YNA Gunnison Beach Cleanup Report

Results of Our First Gunnison Beach Cleanup & Why Naturists Should Do Cleanups This past Saturday, we had our very first beach cleanup at Gunnison nude beach! Why organize a beach cleanup? First of all it is part of our YNA naturist philosophy to take care of the environment, especially the places we enjoy as naturists. Second, it’s important for the preservation of nude / clothing-optional beaches and places on public land. As we know, nude beaches get closed down all the time even when there’s been a longstanding tradition of nude use. Organizing a beach cleanup doesn’t guarantee that ... Read more