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Social Nudity, in a nut shell, is a way to describe the act of socializing and spending time with other people while in the nude. The nudity is non sexual in nature and the activities can range from simply conversing with others, to playing sports, or any other activities one enjoys partaking in. This can oftentimes be labeled as nudism or naturism by others, but these terms usually encompass or infer a belief system (more so naturism than nudism). A social nude event may have participants that identify as nudists as well as those who don’t. That said, people who practice social nudism and / or naturism may take part in social activities while in a state of undress.

This section of our blog is devoted to articles and stories about social nudity:

Review of The Gong Temple Nude Meditation Event

A Healing Nude Meditation Concert With The Gong Temple Guest Blog by: Jim and Ginnie We had the pleasure of attending The Gong Temple Nude Meditation Event led by Michelle Angel on October 14, 2017. Michelle travels the country, performing standalone sessions or as an enrichment to yoga classes. The sessions are not merely musical performances, but instead are intended to promote healing and deep – perhaps even spiritually-transformative – relaxation. Setup for the nude meditation event with The Gong Temple Michelle plays several very large (three to four foot diameter) Paiste and Meinl Planetary gongs, accompanied with a steel ... Read more

How Not To Be A Nudist Creep

Nudism Behavior Etiquette and Guide For Men On How To Avoid Being Labeled A Nudist Creep Nudism Behavior Etiquette – Last year, I published a blog about gender and harassment issues in naturism. As a continuation of this topic, I thought we should delve further into nudist behavioral guidelines and how not to be “creepy” in naturist or social nude settings. Can We Define The Term “Creepy”? What does it mean to be “creepy”? There has actually been very little scientific research into this question. But last year a new study was published by researchers at Knox College called “On the nature ... Read more

The Controversial Art Works of Iconic Photographer Sally Mann

The Controversial Art Works of the Iconic Sally Mann Sally Mann is a globally-renowned American photographer known for her startling depth and subject matter, which include both nudes and corpses. Mann was born in 1951 in Lexington, Virginia. Her father was a doctor and her mother owned a bookstore. Mann graduated from Hollins University in 1974. She initially planned to be a writer and earned her masters in creative writing in 1975. American Photographer Sally Mann In a 2003 interview with Charlie Rose, Mann states that she abandoned her writing career because she found it “too difficult.” She says that ... Read more

Topless Laws and Topfreedom in New York State

NY Laws On Topfreedom, False Arrests and Topfree Equality in NYC Like many U.S. anti-nudity laws, New York’s “Exposure of a person” law — Penal Code 245.01 — includes the female nipple when describing body parts that aren’t allowed to be shown / exposed in public. (With the exception of public breastfeeding.) HOWEVER, this part of the law was nullified in 1992 by the NY Court of Appeals ruling in People v. Santorelli. Ever since then, it has been legal for women to go topless in public wherever men can. Topfree Equality in New York (Photo in Central Park, NYC) ... Read more

Nudist Pageant and Miss Nude World Pageants

A Controversial (& Discontinued) Naturist Tradition: Miss Nude World – the Nudist Pageant Interview with the founders of Ponderosa Nature Resort about their Miss Nude Nudist Beauty Contest Nude Pageants –  A nudist resort in Canada called Ponderosa Nature Resort just celebrated their 50th anniversary. For episode 72 of the Naturist Living Show podcast, Stéphane interviewed Hans and Lisa Stein, who founded the resort in 1964. The couple is originally from Germany and when they moved to Ontario, Canada, they saw a market for a year-round naturist club in their area. They found some farmland to buy and together with Hans’ ... Read more

YouTube Nude Censorship Is Out of Control

Censorship of Nudity on YouTube Gives All Users the Power to Censor Update April 2018: Since this article was first published in 2014, YouTube seems to have veered more towards adding an “age restriction” to videos instead of taking them all down (they have been age-restricting content since 2010). Of course this is still censorship, and this system is deeply flawed. It’s not just minors or “restricted mode” enabled users who won’t find the videos, but also anyone who isn’t signed in to a YouTube account. This means the viewership reach of these videos is far less than unrestricted ones. The ... Read more

Why Facebook Censorship is a Big Issue

Facebook Censorship Is Worse Than Ever. Here’s Why We Should Care. The Issues with Facebook Censorship Facebook Censorship – In honor of its 10th anniversary this year, Facebook added a feature where users could generate a video slideshow of their photos and posts from their timeline (profile), starting from when they joined. The resulting videos are sappy productions that remind us all how (too) much of our lives are documented via Facebook. Beheading videos get to stay, but THIS gets censored? So, having a like-hate relationship with Facebook, I decided to create a parody. There were already quite a few ... Read more