body shame

Body Shame and Body Image

Body shame means feeling ashamed or embarrassed of one’s own body. It’s often used to refer to the widespread trend of people feeling shame towards the naked body or the “taboo” body parts like breasts, penises and vaginas. In countries like the United States, body shame has become normal as people are taught that the naked human body is immoral or dirty and must always be covered. Read articles and blogs below about the issues of body shame, body image and feeling ashamed of one’s naked body.

Below you can read our body image articles and blogs about body shame:

Body Issues – Nudist Mothers and Daughters Free From Shame at Rock Lodge

Nudist Mothers and Daughters Free From Body Issues Guest blog by: Isis Phoenix Paradise. Absolute Paradise. Those were the only words when thinking back on my day at Rock Lodge nudist club that were adequate to describe my experience and all in a brief visit to this magical sanctuary. “Packing light?” my husband joked with me as I put my sarong, towel and hat in my canvas beach bag. Conspicuously missing a swimsuit, I smiled. I had wanted to visit Rock Lodge all summer – a nudist paradise – beautiful lake, scenic hiking trails, wildlife and nature in abundance and ... Read more

The Real Nude Beach Project: Introducing Paul

The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project: Interview with Paul Meet Paul, the 5th participant of my series, The Real Nude Beach Photography Project, which took place at Gunnison Beach in 2017. Paul is somewhat new to social nudism, but his beach experiences have had a significant impact on how he views himself and others. In this interview, he talks about body image and how naturism has helped him become a better person. Introducing Paul in The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project Name: Paul Age: 34 years old Lives in Hempstead, NY What do you do for a living? And / ... Read more

Nudist Erections and Naturist Etiquette

Nudist Erection and Issues With Nude Nudists With Public Erections Yes, erections are a natural bodily function… But a nudist with an erection is an unwelcome sight in a public nudist setting: Public Nudist Erections – A number of articles out there deal with the (potentially overexposed!) topic of nude males with erections and nudism. Many who practice naturism feel that too much negative emphasis goes towards this naturally occurring event. Others within the nudist community express the sentiment of “protecting” certain groups from what they perceive as an overtly sexual gesture. Religious aspects and societal views continue to make ... Read more

Real Nude Beach: A Body Positive Naked Photography Project at Gunnison Beach

Introducing Our Body-Positive Nude Beach Photography Project If you believed what the media and pop culture says about nude beaches in the U.S., you might think that: – Nude beaches are only visited by very ugly, middle-aged people and / or senior citizens. – People only go to a nude beach in order to look at all the naked people or only exhibitionists go to a nude beach. – Nude beaches are full of debauchery, drugs and sex / orgies – Children are not allowed at nude beaches (or even if they were, families should and would never visit them). ... Read more

Why I’m Skydiving Naked With My Violin For Male Body Image Issues

How I Came To Accept My Body and Why I’m Skydiving Naked For Male Body Image Issues On My 30th Birthday Guest Blog by: Glen Donnelly When I started the violin at age 8, I soon wanted to become the best violinist in the world. It all started with Jascha Heifetz. My first CD was his Beethoven’s violin concerto and I loved him so much that I wanted to change my last name from Donnelly to Heifetz. I was really serious. I was gonna be awesome. Then came along other heroes. I’ll never forget the day I ripped open the ... Read more