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California offers many opportunities to try naturism, whether it’s by joining one of the established nudist clubs, visiting a public nude beach or taking a nude hike to some clothing-optional hot springs in a national forest. Some of CA’s most well-known nude locations are Black’s Beach, Deep Creek Hot Springs, Lupin Lodge nudist resort, Olive Dell Ranch and Glen Eden Sun Club.

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Bates Nude Beach Section Reestablished in California!

Bates California Beach Is Nude Again (With Conditions) Thanks To Long term Efforts of SCNA & Friends of Bates Beach Guest Blog by: Gary Mussell (Director, Friends of Bates Beach) North Rincon Beach (locally known as Bates Beach, named after the beach’s access from Bates Rd.) is at the southern tip of Santa Barbara County, just north of Rincon Point. The beach was once a safe, family-friendly environment that attracted several hundred people on summer weekends. On the convenient eastern end, people in bathing suits came to exercise their dogs and watch the world-class surfers practice their skills. The more ... Read more