Nude Art and Artwork That Features the Human Body

Read blogs, articles and commentary on nude or naked art such as drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, art performances & more. You can also learn about the artists who base their work on the human body and how nude art gets censored.

Nudists, Nudism and Nudity Throughout History

The Complete History of Nudism, Nudists and Nudity In this article will explore both nudism and nudity throughout history. While organized nudism, as a movement, is considerably young, social nudity is as old as Adam and Eve. Nudism and Nudists History Part One – Nudity in the Bible Nudity In The Bible – When the word nude or naked is mentioned, the first thought is of Adam and Eve. The Biblical Book of Genesis states at the end of Chapter 2 in verse 25 that the man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. In Chapter ... Read more

Facebook Censorship Continues With New Policies and Appeals Process

An Update On Facebook Censorship of Nudity, Naked Art and More In 2014, I published my first article on why Facebook censorship is such a big issue. In the 4 years since, a few things have changed, plus we got a lot more insight on how Facebook (and Instagram, which it owns) moderates the vast amount of content posted to its site every day. Towards of the end of April 2018, Facebook updated its community standards and released the internal guidelines that govern its content control. The Facebook moderators guidelines were leaked to the public a few years ago, though ... Read more

Naked Britain: Talking Fashion, Naturism and Body Image With Photographer Amelia Allen

Interview With Fashion Photographer Amelia Allen On Her Book ‘Naked Britain’ Amelia Allen is a fashion photographer who unexpectedly decided to take her work in a new direction by photographing people without any clothes on. She did this by joining up with a community of British naturists, not only to document their way of life but to experience naturism herself. Her book, Naked Britain, is a delightful collection of images introducing us to modern naturists of different ages and body types. It shows them joyfully engaged in a variety of activities, from riding bikes to gardening to playing pool, or ... Read more

Artist Lucian Freud: Master of Realist Nude Paintings

The Life of Artist Lucian Freud and His Magnificent Nude Paintings ”What do I ask of a painting? I ask it to astonish, disturb, seduce, convince.” — Lucian Freud The late Lucian Freud was a contemporary painter most known for his figurative art and portraits. The grandson of Sigmund Freud, Lucian was born to Lucie and Ernst Freud in Berlin in 1922. In 1933, he and his family fled to Britain to escape the growing persecution and fascist policies of the Nazi party. They settled in London. As his parents were well-to-do, Freud attended various private schools and then studied ... Read more

The Controversial Art Works of Iconic Photographer Sally Mann

The Controversial Art Works of the Iconic Sally Mann Sally Mann is a globally-renowned American photographer known for her startling depth and subject matter, which include both nudes and corpses. Mann was born in 1951 in Lexington, Virginia. Her father was a doctor and her mother owned a bookstore. Mann graduated from Hollins University in 1974. She initially planned to be a writer and earned her masters in creative writing in 1975. American Photographer Sally Mann In a 2003 interview with Charlie Rose, Mann states that she abandoned her writing career because she found it “too difficult.” She says that ... Read more

Ello and The NSFW Filter: Why It’s Not Improving Social Media For Users

Why The NSFW Filter Isn’t Good Enough On Ello and Other Social Networks April 2018 Update: So it’s been almost 4 years since I wrote this post, and I’m glad to report that Ello is still around as an ad-free network that primarily caters to artists. I still use it and would recommend it to naturists, even though I don’t think it’s attracted very many people from the naturist community. The network has also continually grown and added new features. However, the NSFW filter remains the same, and Ello still groups nudity in with “adult” and “sexually explicit” content. (And they ... Read more

YouTube Nude Censorship Is Out of Control

Censorship of Nudity on YouTube Gives All Users the Power to Censor Update April 2018: Since this article was first published in 2014, YouTube seems to have veered more towards adding an “age restriction” to videos instead of taking them all down (they have been age-restricting content since 2010). Of course this is still censorship, and this system is deeply flawed. It’s not just minors or “restricted mode” enabled users who won’t find the videos, but also anyone who isn’t signed in to a YouTube account. This means the viewership reach of these videos is far less than unrestricted ones. The ... Read more

Why Facebook Censorship is a Big Issue

Facebook Censorship Is Worse Than Ever. Here’s Why We Should Care. The Issues with Facebook Censorship Facebook Censorship – In honor of its 10th anniversary this year, Facebook added a feature where users could generate a video slideshow of their photos and posts from their timeline (profile), starting from when they joined. The resulting videos are sappy productions that remind us all how (too) much of our lives are documented via Facebook. Beheading videos get to stay, but THIS gets censored? So, having a like-hate relationship with Facebook, I decided to create a parody. There were already quite a few ... Read more