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Read about nude events and naked parties

Nude events are social happenings where the participants are naked or in varying states of undress. There are a great variety of nude events and naked gatherings of people.

The nude and naked events discussed here are all non-sexual in nature. True nudist or naturist events do not allow any overt public sexual activities of any kind.

It you are thinking of attending a “nudist” party or naked event, we urge you to ask questions or seek information before you attend. Some nude events may have a sexual vibe or ambiguous rules on sexual behavior. So if you’re looking for a real naturist scene, it’s important to find out what to expect, especially if it will be your first time with a specific club or group.

All nudist or naturist parties are naked, but not all naked parties are nudist / naturist events.

The following articles and blogs will cover all kinds of nudist, naturist and nude events from public happenings like the World Naked Bike Ride to private indoor parties held by nudist groups.

Below are blogs, stories, reviews and recaps of past and future nude events:

New Research Shows That Naturism Improves Body Image & Happiness

Research Study Shows How Naturism Improves Body Image, Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction At last, we have an actual research study about naturism and its positive effects on body image and happiness! The research was published online in the Journal of Happiness Studies on January 21st, 2017. It set out to investigate the “possible psychological benefits of naturism.” As the author notes, naturists have long been making claims about how naturism improves self-esteem, body image, happiness and has many other benefits. But as the situation indicates, “very little empirical research has investigated these benefits or any plausible explanations for them.” This is ... Read more

I Got Naked in a Cave at Howe Caverns

Naked in A Cave: A Unique, Body-Positive Event at Howe Caverns Being an active figure in the nudist scene for so long, I can definitely say I’ve participated in a great variety of social naked activities, some more out-of-the-box than others. The event I attended this past Saturday, however, was a first. Jordan and I got naked in an underground cavern in upstate New York with over 275 people. It was “Naked in a Cave” night at Howe Caverns! Howe Caverns “Naked in a Cave” entrance banner saying “Let’s Get Naked!” I first heard about this event on Facebook when ... Read more

Naturist and Naked Events Summer 2018 Roundup

Naturist Festivals and Naked Events Happening This Summer 2018 This is a 2018 guide to naturist, clothing-optional and naked events happening around the U.S. and Canada this summer! It’s split into two sections — Naked / Clothing Optional Events (more mainstream events that appeal to naturists) and Naturist Events (organized by and for naturists). The list is focused on big festivals, gatherings and unique events, excluding regular club socials like potlucks, BBQs or holiday parties. Check back here as I will update this list with more events! Summer 2018 Roundup of Naked Events and Festivals All of these events are ... Read more

Review of The Gong Temple Nude Meditation Event

A Healing Nude Meditation Concert With The Gong Temple Guest Blog by: Jim and Ginnie We had the pleasure of attending The Gong Temple Nude Meditation Event led by Michelle Angel on October 14, 2017. Michelle travels the country, performing standalone sessions or as an enrichment to yoga classes. The sessions are not merely musical performances, but instead are intended to promote healing and deep – perhaps even spiritually-transformative – relaxation. Setup for the nude meditation event with The Gong Temple Michelle plays several very large (three to four foot diameter) Paiste and Meinl Planetary gongs, accompanied with a steel ... Read more

How Not To Be A Nudist Creep

Nudism Behavior Etiquette and Guide For Men On How To Avoid Being Labeled A Nudist Creep Nudism Behavior Etiquette – Last year, I published a blog about gender and harassment issues in naturism. As a continuation of this topic, I thought we should delve further into nudist behavioral guidelines and how not to be “creepy” in naturist or social nude settings. Can We Define The Term “Creepy”? What does it mean to be “creepy”? There has actually been very little scientific research into this question. But last year a new study was published by researchers at Knox College called “On the nature ... Read more

The Northeast Naturist Festival 2016 Review

The Northeast Naturist Festival Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary in 2016 This past August was the 25th annual Northeast Naturist Festival organized by Morley Schloss. Over a period of six days, naturists gathered at Empire Haven Nudist Park in upstate New York for workshops, activities and connecting with friends, both old and new. Entrance sign for Empire Haven Nudist Park This festival is a community event in the truest sense because the majority of workshops are given by and for those who attend. Anyone can sign up to lead a workshop based on their knowledge or area of expertise. (Workshop leaders ... Read more