Sexuality and Sexual Behavior

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Sexuality is an important topic in naturism because nudity is so strongly associated with sex in American culture. But it’s behavior and context that determine the sexual component of any situation. Naturist settings are “non sexual” because people create that environment with rules of behavior, and people can control their behavior, with or without clothes on.

Below you can read more about sexuality in our articles and blogs about sexual behavior:

10 Naturism and Nudism Myths Debunked

10 Popular Myths About Naturism and Naturists Naturism and Nudism Myths: As naturists, there are certain false assumptions we hear over and over again, and myths that are perpetuated by the media. Here we debunk 10 popular myths about naturism and naturists. Myth #1. Naturists / nudists are naked all the time. Most of us can’t be naked all the time. Even if we live in a nudist club, it’s still necessary to venture outside, and that usually requires pants. How often one can be naked depends on climate, location, what nudist spots are nearby, etc. Are all nudists like ... Read more

The Real Nude Beach Project: Introducing Paul

The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project: Interview with Paul Meet Paul, the 5th participant of my series, The Real Nude Beach Photography Project, which took place at Gunnison Beach in 2017. Paul is somewhat new to social nudism, but his beach experiences have had a significant impact on how he views himself and others. In this interview, he talks about body image and how naturism has helped him become a better person. Introducing Paul in The Real Nude Beach Body Positive Photography Project Name: Paul Age: 34 years old Lives in Hempstead, NY What do you do for a living? And / ... Read more

Nudist Erections and Naturist Etiquette

Nudist Erection and Issues With Nude Nudists With Public Erections Yes, erections are a natural bodily function… But a nudist with an erection is an unwelcome sight in a public nudist setting: Public Nudist Erections – A number of articles out there deal with the (potentially overexposed!) topic of nude males with erections and nudism. Many who practice naturism feel that too much negative emphasis goes towards this naturally occurring event. Others within the nudist community express the sentiment of “protecting” certain groups from what they perceive as an overtly sexual gesture. Religious aspects and societal views continue to make ... Read more

The Controversial Art Works of Iconic Photographer Sally Mann

The Controversial Art Works of the Iconic Sally Mann Sally Mann is a globally-renowned American photographer known for her startling depth and subject matter, which include both nudes and corpses. Mann was born in 1951 in Lexington, Virginia. Her father was a doctor and her mother owned a bookstore. Mann graduated from Hollins University in 1974. She initially planned to be a writer and earned her masters in creative writing in 1975. American Photographer Sally Mann In a 2003 interview with Charlie Rose, Mann states that she abandoned her writing career because she found it “too difficult.” She says that ... Read more

The Nudism Gender Problem Part 2: Addressing Harassment

Nudism & Gender Issues: Let’s Talk About Safety and Harassment It was good to see that my last article about naturism and single male policies generated a lot of discussion on our website and on social media. It seems like most people actually agreed with us that naturism should be inclusive rather than exclusive. I’d added a poll at the end of my article asking if nudist resorts, clubs, groups, etc should restrict entry to single men in order to have a better gender ratio. Out of over 400 votes, the overwhelming majority – nearly 80% — said “No.” Twelve ... Read more

Nudism, Gender and Single Male Nudist Policies

Nudism and Discrimination of the Single Male Nudist: Yay or Nay? A few months ago on my blog, I talked about “why naturism has a lady problem.” The problem being that women don’t show up to many nudist places and events in nearly the same numbers as men. I’ve observed that men (of all ages and sexual orientations) are more comfortable being naked in social settings. They are almost guaranteed to show up at any publicized nudist or naked affair. (It’s different in other countries but I’m talking only about the U.S. here.) I’ve come up with several reasons for ... Read more

Chelsea Covington Topless / Topfreedom Activist Across the Northeastern USA

Interview With Chelsea, Topfreedom Activist & Author of the “Breasts Are Healthy” Blog Update 2018: Since this interview was published, I have joined Chelsea and three other women in filing a civil rights complaint against Ocean City, Maryland for their discriminatory topfree ordinance that went into effect last year. I will continue to post major updates to this site as the case progresses. To learn more about Chelsea and her activism, read on to our interview below! Topfreedom is technically legal for women in most U.S. states and in many big cities. This is often due to the absence of any written ... Read more

Nudist Women And Why Does Naturism Have a Lady Problem?

Why Aren’t There More Women In Nudism / Naturism Today? It’s no secret to most in the naturist community that naturism has a lady problem. While men tend to flock far more easily to social nudity, as though it’s their life calling to be naked, women tend to be far less open to the experience. While it does vary from place to place, in the U.S., men tend to outnumber women at naturist events, nudist resorts and clubs. Skinny dipping scene on Bob’s Burgers where Tina notices a gender disparity. Image: Fox / Bob’s Burgers Sometimes the divide is quite ... Read more

Ello and The NSFW Filter: Why It’s Not Improving Social Media For Users

Why The NSFW Filter Isn’t Good Enough On Ello and Other Social Networks April 2018 Update: So it’s been almost 4 years since I wrote this post, and I’m glad to report that Ello is still around as an ad-free network that primarily caters to artists. I still use it and would recommend it to naturists, even though I don’t think it’s attracted very many people from the naturist community. The network has also continually grown and added new features. However, the NSFW filter remains the same, and Ello still groups nudity in with “adult” and “sexually explicit” content. (And they ... Read more

Why Facebook Censorship is a Big Issue

Facebook Censorship Is Worse Than Ever. Here’s Why We Should Care. The Issues with Facebook Censorship Facebook Censorship – In honor of its 10th anniversary this year, Facebook added a feature where users could generate a video slideshow of their photos and posts from their timeline (profile), starting from when they joined. The resulting videos are sappy productions that remind us all how (too) much of our lives are documented via Facebook. Beheading videos get to stay, but THIS gets censored? So, having a like-hate relationship with Facebook, I decided to create a parody. There were already quite a few ... Read more