Spirituality and Spiritual Aspects of Nudism

There has always been a connection between naturism and spirituality, and many naturists today seek out spiritual experiences or practices from basic meditation to energy work to Pagan ceremonies and rituals.

Check out these articles about spirituality, meditation, metaphysics and religion, and also how these topics relate to nudism, naturism or social nudity.

Below you can read my blogs and articles about spirituality:

Nudity in Wicca and Paganism Part 1: A Brief History

A History of Nudity in Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft Guest Blog by: Liam Cyfrin and Caroline Tully A Fig Leaf of our Imagination There are countless quirks about humans, but one of the real doozies is that most are confused, divided and downright ditsy when it comes to their own physical nature. To millions, the human body in its natural state is embarrassing, shameful, indecent or undignified. Its exposure provokes hostility, fear, nervous laughter or mockery. It threatens social standing, challenges order, infringes laws and is often punished with a severity bizarrely incommensurate with the offence. The really odd thing ... Read more

Nudity in Wicca and Paganism Part 2: Why the Skyclad Tradition Continues

The Magick of Skyclad Ritual and Witchcraft Guest Blog by: Liam Cyfrin and Caroline Tully Read Part One here: A Brief History of Nudity in Wicca and Paganism Releasing the Magick of the Body To most Witches, precedent provides a comforting source of continuity, rather than a necessary validation of a custom. Validation, to the ever-pragmatic Witch, proceeds purely from utility. And since skyclad Witchcraft shows no sign of vanishing (despite being something of a PR nightmare at times), clearly many Witches find it a powerful technique for enhancing magick. Let’s try to see why. One rationale for the practice ... Read more

Guide To Nude and Naked Yoga Classes in NYC

Where to Find Naked Yoga Classes in NYC Naked or Nude Yoga Classes and Schools in New York City: Naked Yoga NYC Guide – People often ask me what nudie activities they can pursue in NYC, aside from events. Well one of those is naked yoga! What better way to practice mindfulness and get in tune with your body than with naked yoga? Yoga has been increasing in popularity across the country, and naked yoga classes are becoming more common at nudist clubs. It’s a nice throwback to the old health-and-wellness tenets of naturism. In NYC there are studios everywhere, ... Read more

Review of The Gong Temple Nude Meditation Event

A Healing Nude Meditation Concert With The Gong Temple Guest Blog by: Jim and Ginnie We had the pleasure of attending The Gong Temple Nude Meditation Event led by Michelle Angel on October 14, 2017. Michelle travels the country, performing standalone sessions or as an enrichment to yoga classes. The sessions are not merely musical performances, but instead are intended to promote healing and deep – perhaps even spiritually-transformative – relaxation. Setup for the nude meditation event with The Gong Temple Michelle plays several very large (three to four foot diameter) Paiste and Meinl Planetary gongs, accompanied with a steel ... Read more

The Northeast Naturist Festival 2016 Review

The Northeast Naturist Festival Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary in 2016 This past August was the 25th annual Northeast Naturist Festival organized by Morley Schloss. Over a period of six days, naturists gathered at Empire Haven Nudist Park in upstate New York for workshops, activities and connecting with friends, both old and new. Entrance sign for Empire Haven Nudist Park This festival is a community event in the truest sense because the majority of workshops are given by and for those who attend. Anyone can sign up to lead a workshop based on their knowledge or area of expertise. (Workshop leaders ... Read more